About the ASL

What is the Alliance of Sentient Lifeforms?

The Alliance for Sentient Lifeforms (a.k.a., "The Alliance", "Alliance", and "ASL") is both the overall name for a science-fiction universe I'm developing and the name of the group of sentient races which has forged social, economic, cultural, and military agreements with Earth.

At its core, the Alliance universe is about mankind achieving its full potential.  It's about human beings overcoming prejudice, racism, dishonesty, greed, and all those other traits that make us do terrible things to one another.  These changes don't come about overnight, of course, and the stories within the Alliance universe reflect that fact.  Stories set in the earlier era of the universe will show human beings acting essentially like they do today, but will generally try to show that overcoming our darker side makes us better and more successful.  In the middle era of the story universe, mankind will by and large have overcome these problems and will be focused on expanding the ASL's reach across the galaxy.  In the third era of the Alliance universe, the ASL is forced to deal with an external threat that may well destroy it.

Unlike many (though not all) science-fiction universes, stories set in the Alliance universe will often have two story arcs in plan.  The smaller arc is the beginning, middle, and end of that particular story.  But these stories will often also advance a larger story arc that covers the Alliance universe itself.  Much like Joe Straczynski's Babylon 5 television series, the Alliance universe has a story arc that begins when mankind uncovers the secret to faster-than-light travel. It shows the struggle of the human race to overcome its own shortcomings (and that of its early technologies) in the beginning.  Later, it becomes a struggle to build alliances with other species and keep that group together, and finally a fight for the continued survival of all the species in the ASL.

As the Alliance universe develops, we'll discover new technologies.  Unlike some science-fiction universes, ours never "resets".  For example, if we discovered a cure for brain cancer in 2054, we won't show a character dying from that same cancer in 2060 - unless there's a good reason, such as the medicine hasn't made it to the patient in time.  Characters involved in a story will remember what's happened to them in previous stories, barring any external influences that prevent this (e.g., mind-wipe, head injury, or hypnotic block).

When will we see stories set in this Universe?

I'm currently developing my "Series Bible" which outlines the overall story arc for the Alliance universe, the technologies people use, the alien races we first encounter, etc.  Once this is fleshed out completely, I expect to be able to begin cranking out short stories and novels within the universe and making them available here (the short stories) and via self-publishing outlets (the novels).

Can I write stories within this universe?

I have plans to share parts of the Series Bible with other writers once I've better established how the overall story arc is to play out.  So for now, I'd ask you not to write stories set in this universe.  At some point, I hope to open this sandbox up and allow others to play in it.

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